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My fellow Ike girls will enjoy this. *heart eyes*


My fellow Ike girls will enjoy this. *heart eyes*

to me, something that makes an already very attractive man even sexier is the way he loves his wife. for example, have you ever saw Hugh Jackman talk about his wife? I melt every time he brings her up, because he is so in love. I've noticed that Isaac is that way about Nikki. He is totally crazy for her, when he talks about her it is so cute. He just lights up and you can tell he is completely in love with her. I love this, IDK why but it makes him that much sexier.

I’m pretty sure how men treat their wives is a huge part of why I fancy them, which is basically self defeating because all those men are already married to and very much in love with pretty awesome women.

The other love of my life is a tennis player called Roger Federer who basically attributes most of his success to his wife being amazing.

It’s probably a sad truth that men that show that adoration for the women in their lives are pretty rare so when you see it, it’s really attractive.

Super random question: Do you know who was whose best man at each of the Hanson brothers' weddings? I think Taylor was Isaac's best man? I'm just curious.



Eeep!  I have been out of the loop too long to be able to answer that question.  But I’ll post this on my blog and see if any of my followers know the answer to this question, though.  Hope this helps.  

Isaac was Zac’s.

Taylor was Isaac’s.

It’s widely assumed that Isaac was Taylor’s due to where he’s stood in the wedding pictures, but it’s never been formally confirmed.  There have been rumours that both Zac and Isaac refused to stand as best man because they objected to the shot gun wedding, which is why neither of them were named, despite Kate being clarified in the articles as Maid of Honour.

I always found this amusing, because if it’s true Isaac would have escorted all three women either up or down the aisle. (Kate being Natalie’s MOH and Natalie being Kate’s MOH).


fanfictions be like ”his eyes scanned the crowed and then locked with mine”


Nikki Hanson, defying the odds

I’m scanning the crowd singing and I’m like

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